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What happens right before an employee leaves? Walking to the line.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vets don’t generally leave jobs because someone offered them more money or the recruitment agents managed to convince them that another job would be better with a few lines in an ad. Generally, what happens is they had already made… Continue Reading →

Managing Millennials

Reading Time: 3 minutes Now, I’m guessing this title got your interest and that is why you are reading this article. ‘Millennials’ have been vilified, labelled as difficult to manage, derided as sensitive snowflakes, entitled, etc, etc (see this Simon Sinek video). I have… Continue Reading →

Caution! Perhaps be wary about this job!

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have come across some phrases in jobs ads and practice visits that really have a double meaning. I know, I know, this looks really cynical – but it’s borne out by extensive personal experience as well as trusted anecdotal… Continue Reading →

Why is no-one applying to my ad?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I don’t claim any authority in this area beyond having read far too many job adverts myself, and boy have I seen some stinkers. Seeing things from the other side can be useful though, so I have collated some thoughts… Continue Reading →

Imodium For Your Practice: Or, How To Stop Your Staff Passing Through Uncontrollably.

Reading Time: < 1 minute In other words, ‘what employers can do to help themselves in the current recruitment crisis in the vet/vet nurse professions.’ Offer jobs people want – understand what the work force wants now and make sure you clearly advertise to fit… Continue Reading →

The job ad – let’s think of a new way of doing this

Reading Time: 6 minutes At one time, a physical ad was the standard, and about the only, way of securing your next victim vet, with word-of-mouth coming a distant second. They are still important, but recruitment agents and head hunting, students on placement, and… Continue Reading →

Vet job ads – the good, the bad and the ugly

Reading Time: 6 minutes Does no-one else see the problem with veterinary job ads at the moment? In this current recruitment crisis, it is a job seekers market. Yet the ads have not changed to reflect this and most seem stuck in the past;… Continue Reading →

How to select a practice during your job hunt – Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the last post, I discussed how to start selecting a practice with a good fit during your job hunt, including looking at job ads and what to find out on your initial contact with the practice. Extended visit and… Continue Reading →

How to select a practice during your job hunt – Part 1

Reading Time: 5 minutes What do you want from the job? Firstly, before you start looking for a new job or undertaking reverse recruitment, you have got to know what YOU want. This has to go deeper than a list of requirements covering the… Continue Reading →

Reverse Recruitment

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you missed my first post, please read it as it gives some background into how and why I ended up rocking the veterinary recruitment boat! What is Reverse Recruitment? When I was looking for a new job, I was… Continue Reading →

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