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Hi, My name is Dr Sarah Keir and I am a small animal vet working in the UK. If you need to contact me then please email at

I consider myself very lucky as I always knew I wanted to be a vet and so I get to do a job that I love, everyday! I have always had animals in my life, from lemurs and other wild exotic animals when I lived in Madagascar aged 5 years, through many family dogs and cats (and litters of puppies and kittens) and small mammals, to hanging out at the local stables because I couldn’t have a pony of my own.
I am passionate about wanting to be the best I can be to help the special pets that I see so after many years of being a ‘James Herriot vet’ in the Lake District, I decided to study a particular area in more depth and so completed a certificate in medicine. I also love ultrasonography (internal scans) and cat hearts. I strive everyday to continue to learn and improve despite being a vet for over 17 years. But the most important aspect of my job for me is that I can help nurture the bond between pet carer and their pet because from experience I know what a special gift this is. My cat, Brian, does not let me forget this everyday! 
My pets are currently confined to Brian, a rescue tabby and white moggy, and some bees. I hope to get another spaniel sometime soon as I love their crazy enthusiasm for life, and to get some more chickens. Outside of work you can find me in the kitchen, usually baking, or my craft room where I turn my hand to any craft, currently needle-felting. I love being outside and in nature so walking and camping are also important to me