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In other words, ‘what employers can do to help themselves in the current recruitment crisis in the vet/vet nurse professions.’

  1. Offer jobs people want – understand what the work force wants now and make sure you clearly advertise to fit this. Being independent is not automatically one of them. But be realistic and truthful about what you are offering.
  2. Fix the mistakes that lead to the previous staff members leaving. Otherwise more will leave and if you are luckily to fill the role, they may well leave for the same reason. You may try to find someone to fit exactly in the slot of the person who left but often this won’t work.
  3. Try to see the world through your staff member’s eyes. Their priorities and yours are almost certainly not the same.
  4. Be ahead of the game – think about recruitment and have a plan in place before someone leaves.
  5. Build your brand and brand awareness. So potential employees are aware of you before you need to advertise.

This is not rocket science, but sensible business thinking. If you feel these points are obvious, then great – you are already on the way to building a successful business! But have you really thought the points through fully? I feel corporate employers are already ahead of the game in many of these points – are you?